May 7th

So here I begin…

After 6 months of preparation and more preparation… The final days are upon me and like always, good initiative and bad judgement are causing me a little stress. Let me clarify, I made the decision to do my own maintenance on Chasey rather than send her off to a licensed physician like many of my other trips. Reason? I want to have the ability to fix her on the road so not to delay my many stops along the trip. Also I continue to venture beyond civilization and there are no mechanics to save you.

Here are the other girls…

They will be home and sad until I get home. Just need to pack…

5 thoughts on “May 7th

  1. Good morning Lance, Looks like you have “the girls” well maintained and in a show. Nice looking bikes!

    Love you,

  2. They look so sad,;(
    I’m sure they will miss you while you’re gone.
    Have a GREAT TIME, we’ll check the blog often, and RIDE SAFE .
    Dad & Sandy

  3. My dear nephew,
    Ride safely as always….keep in touch often…Jay and I wish you well..we love you. Take good care.

  4. Just want you to know I am going to follow you on your adventure and will be praying for a safe but fun trip for you. Ride careful and be safe.

    Love you,
    Aunt Wendy

  5. Good luck, Lance. God be with you on this huge adventure. Take care. You are looking very fit.

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